Becky was amazing for me. I am a bit of dramatic one, I will admit. She dealt with me. Talked to me threw the whole thing. Her presence made it possible for my husband who worked hard labor all day to rest so he wasn't too tired for the main event. (Pushing) She was with me for my third baby. Even tho it was my third. It was still 15 hours, and she stuck with me til the end and even visited me again later. Things got a little hairy during the actual delivery and she managed to bring a calming environment still for me. I never felt belittled during my labor. She turned everything into a positive experience for me. She was awesome and I'm so happy she was there to complete this journey with me and crack some jokes with me to keep my spirits up. Thank you Becky. I recommended her highly.

-Julie Robison

I had the pleasure of having Becky be my Doula for our third birth of our third boy! She came to our home a met with my husband and I and walked us through making our birth plan. Was always available to answer any of my millions of questions and to be my voice of calmness. We ended up having to be induced and she literally was there the whole time encouraging me and ensuring me everything was gonna be Okay. Through the contractions and painful back labor Becky helped me change positions, remember to breathe and that I am strong enough and to trust my body. 24 hours in to labor we had to get a c-section. Becky held my hand made sure I was okay and that I knew all of my options I am forever grateful that I had Becky by my side through the entire birthing experience of our last child. She will always be a forever friend! Thank you for all of the beautiful photos and for being my voice of calmness.

-Tasha Harte-Worde

Becky was my doula for the birth of my son on 11/30/17, and I couldn’t have been happier with the support she provided for me! I had wanted a natural birth with my daughter, but ended up with an epidural because of a long labor and lack of support. I was determined to try again this time around, and I couldn’t have achieved it without Becky’s support. My husband was unable to attend the birth, so she was my primary birth partner. My labor all happened at night, but she stayed focused on me, talked me through every contraction, and when I felt like I had reached my breaking point in transition and started asking for an epidural, she was there to encourage me to keep going and remind me of what I wanted for my birth experience. I’m so thankful that with her help I was able to continue through and birth my son naturally. I will always be able to look back upon that beautiful, challenging experience with pride and joy. She took the time to get to know me, my birth history, and my desires for this birth very well, and helped me to write my birth plan, as well as checking in on me regularly before and after my birth. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Thank you, Becky!!

-Lindsay McWhorter

Becky was so amazing during and after our birth! She was there at the hospital with us even though we got turned down and sent home because I wasn't dilated enough she answered her phone right away every time I called or text (which was alot), she made sure I was as comfortable as I could be, made sure we understood everything the doctors were telling us and if we didn't she would explain in a way, so we did. We also have kept in touch since my birth and became good friends! I am so happy we met her and had her as our Doula, she is amazing & I highly recommend her If you are thinking of having a Doula.

-Lareydo McNeill

Becky was an amazing doula! We felt comfortable with her from our first meeting. She stayed in communication and helped us through the whole process before, during, and after the delivery. We had to be induced and nothing about the delivery went according to plan, but Becky showed up and stayed with us at the hospital throughout the 12 hour ordeal well past midnight when our little one showed his face. Having Becky there made us feel more at ease and it really helped having someone there affirming our last minute decisions during a process we didn't plan for. Thank you Becky for your help in bringing little Ezra into this world!

-Rosie and Alicia Doyl

I highly recommend Becky as a doula! She was always there to talk to and discuss things! She was positive for me even when I wasn’t. This was my second GD pregnancy, first I had to be induced for. I discussed all my concerns and worries with her. The one thing Ill always remember is when I was feeling like my birth wasn’t going to happen the way that I wanted and she said It may not happen how you plan and that’s ok, trust your body. By the end of it all you will have your baby and that’s all that matters. I ended up Not having the L&D I wanted but having her there through it all made it so much easier! The support and positivity she brings to you is all worth it!!!! Thank you Becky!!!!

-Whitney Alvey

I highly recommend Becky was such an amazing support system throughout my pregnancy, also during and after giving birth. She is such a great person to talk to about any concerns, as well as did a great job checking in with me. During my delivery, she was there through the tough times and got me through it, highly recommend her as a doula!

-Becky Hansen

Becky was an integral member of my stellar birthing team. She is down-to-earth and instills trust. My husband is in the Navy, and I felt confident knowing even if he was deployed I had someone to hold my hand and be my support during labor. Fortunately my hubby made it back in time, and Becky was there to talk me through the contractions and suggest different positions. She also let Matthew know the best ways he could help me during labor. Even when I didn't think I could do it, Becky was reassuring, and I ended up having an unmedicated VBAC. We were so thankful to have her there during the whole process.

-Elena Collingsworth

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