tailored to fit your needs

Free Consultation 

Let's meet up and chat about your birthing wishes! I find it incredibly important to spend time together and develop an understanding for one another before you make a decision about who you want to be involved in your pregnancy and birth.

Phone & Email Support

You are promised unlimited email, text, and phone availability throughout your pregnancy. Having someone ready to listen and hold space for you is extremely beneficial. I know the time leading up to delivery can be full of excitement and sometimes even concern.

Two Prenatal Visits 

We will have two one-hour sessions to discuss how your pregnancy journey is going and any questions you may have. We will also work together to develop a birth plan suited to your family's specific wishes and needs. We focus on preparing for the postpartum period as well and work together to find local resources that will best support your family!

On Call Timeline

Once I am hired as your doula you will have unlimited support via email, text, and phone. From 38 weeks through 42 weeks I will be officially on call  for your birth. One step closer to meeting your precious baby!

During labor 

During labor, along with your desired loved ones, I will be by your side. I provide continual support, laboring with you however you are most comfortable until your baby is born!

Postpartum follow-up visits

We will have one or two postpartum visits after your delivery. The first will be within one week of your baby's birth and we can determine if you'd like another meeting afterwards. I am here to help you during this life changing transition from pregnancy into parenthood, you can contact me at any time after your birth with questions, share cute photos or if you think you may want more assistance during this phase, I am happy to set you up with a postpartum doula in your area.

Community Referrals

This is Your BODY. Your BABY. Your BIRTH. I trust that you know what is best. Along this journey I will be there to serve you and your family with any resources you may need. You will be provided with a list of birth professionals serving the area ranging from placenta encapsulation service, baby and mom support groups,  pediatricians, chiropractors, as well as free access to all of my books covering many pregnancy and early postpartum topics.

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

  • Perform any clinical tasks

    • Leave this to the medical professionals. I am here strictly to provide emotional and educational support.

  • Make decisions for you 

    • This is your experience and I am honored to be apart of it. I can offer you suggestions and resources to help YOU make your decisions.

  • Replace your partner or family

    • I am here to enhance your birthing experience and offer suggestions to your partner or to your main support person. I will never take away their role. I respect the role  we each play in making this a circle of love and unity.


  • My service fee for labor and birth support is $800, payment arrangements can also be made, final fee to be quoted at the free consultation.

  • $300 retaining fee due at the time of a signing a contract.

  • Prouldy offering a military discount to all who have or are currently serving! Please don't hesitate to ask about this.

  • Planned Cesarean Birth Support is available for $400. Please set up a meeting to discuss this service.

  • NEW OFFERING-Birth and Postpartum Prep Package is $350. This plan offers you prenatal visits during pregnancy where we dream together and brainstorm your wishes for Birth. I help you find local resources and educational tools along the way! All the Doula Knowledge besides in person support for the actual Birth. This is a good middle ground for those wanting Doula services without the extra body physically present. *Some virtual support may be offered depending on the circumstances.

I have had the honor to support mothers who are without a partner for whatever that reason may be- military deployments, single parents, illness and I feel confident in the relationships that are built beforehand lead to a more enjoyable birthing experience.

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