New offering for Families-

Double Doula Support

Twice the love and so much more!

Ellen Barnard of Ellen B Birth and I are teaming up to provide well rounded pregnancy, birth and postpartum care! Two best friends in the throws of our childbearing years, passionate about building a network of support and providing a wide range of education that will fill your tool box as you navigate parenthood!

What our package provides:

  • Unlimited phone and email support.

  • Two in-depth prenatal visits which will dive into a quick refresher of Childbirth Education covered by Ellen who is a certified Childbirth Educator.

  • A perk of having two doulas is you will have continual doula support throughout the length of your labor no matter where you are birthing or how long it may be. 

  • Becky will help you build your resource list that will include breastfeeding support, healthcare providers, pediatricians, play groups and so much more.

  • This package is great for those that are be birthing alone, without their partner, inductions or even home births where extra hands are needed! 

  • We will provide two postpartum visits after birth and cover topics related to baby feeding, sleep support, nutrition, Ellen is a Primal Nutritionist, and we will be answering any questions you may have along the way.

  • We have been in your shoes and value this line of work because we truly know how beneficial it is! Mothering the mother is what we strive for each day.

  • SERVICE FEE: $1,000

  • Military Discount and Sliding Scale Payment Available

  • Schedule a free consult to discuss these services, meet us doulas and find out how we can support you and your family!

Why Two Doulas!?

Ellen and I have been called into this line of work to serve birthing familes and we know how impactful your birth will be moving into the next stage of life-parenthood!

We wanted to continue of offer birth doula support and still be true to our roles as moms, military wives and many other hats we wear!

Partnering together makes this line of work sustainable for all and we can better serve you!

Thank you for considering us to be part of your Birthing Team!

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